Here at SVMT, Inc., we provide all kinds of staffing services and solutions. You can count on us for all of your general staffing needs. Regardless of your kind of business operations, you can rest assured knowing that we will find you dependable, experienced, professional team members. We can provide these consultants for part-time, full-time or contract work on the short-term or long-term basis.

We offer staffing support to multiple industries:
• Oil and Gas
• Healthcare
• Banking
• Retail

We don't just hire someone and send them to you. Instead, we have an extensive and thorough recruitment and training program that makes sure the consultants meet your requirements. We handle the entire process - background checks, screenings, assessments and interviews. Then, when you tell us what you need in an employee, we can provide you with the proper consultant that can perform the required tasks.

When you use us for all of your staffing needs, you can save time and effort. We take the work out of hiring and screening, and ensure that you get the best suited employees.

Call or email us today to get the process rolling for us to provide you with staffing services.